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The system is exclusively built to cover the needs of polish railway industry. It allows you easier management of rolling stock maintenance and comprehensive depot operation. It was created by polish engineers in a cooperation with professionals from polish railway industry. Huge advantage of the system is the modularity - it can be adjusted for individual needs. As time goes by, further integration of additional services and features is possible.

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Asset Management

  • Information about asset usage and maintenance cost per asset

  • Information about value of assets including deprecation, regulatory changes, etc.

  • Predefined polish rail assets

  • Leases and warranties


  • Win control and reduce costs of your asset through valuable data

  • Evaluate future asset strategy

  • Operate safely and meet regulatory and statuary obligations

Maintanance Management

  • Plan maintenance work orders and task management

  • Centralized service book and blackboard digitization

  • Inventory and stock management


  • Extend life cycle

  • Save maintenance cost

  • Improve productivity

Additional Modules

  • Wheel Maintenance

  • Safety

  • Machinery

  • Inventory Management

  • Your proposal



Functionality and the most important system aptitudes

image12 Constant, real-time monitoring of the asset park’s situation
image13 Real-time reporting of emergencies
image14 Registry of parts, vehicles, machines, devices and buildings for the whole corporation
image15 The ability to create complex, interwoven structures for production lines, machines and parts
image16 Ability to manipulate spare parts inventory
image17 Ability to manipulate oil inventory
image18 Notification of falling below threshold of spare parts inventory
image19 Ability to schedule maintenance and repair work
image20 Ability to plan employee jobs and actions to be undertaken for those jobs

image21 E-mail and SMS task reminders
image22 Advanced reporting and analysis module(reports generated automatically or manually)
image23 Offers and ordering module
image24 List of industry contractors
image25 Personnel management, technician time on task and quality verification
image26 Gathering of historical data for available machines, devices and parts
image27 Electronic documentation
image28 Automatic software updates
image29 Mobile version available